Student and Teacher

Photography by Tracy Sheppard


“One of my core beliefs is that every single person you meet is both your student and your teacher: that every single person has a gift or a lesson to offer you, if you look for it, and that you have a gift or a lesson for them, if you allow yourself.”

“I value momentary and passing connections and have many thoughts of being receptive to them, but right now I’m specifically thinking about how affected we are by the main people in our lives.
Our “main people” introduce us to the possibilities in the world, and the possibilities within ourselves. They expand our minds and our hearts and ultimately our lives.”

“f you want some advice on how to love yourself better, examine the people with whom you you spend time and energy. Choose to spend time with people who nourish you and expand you and elevate you and challenge you and adore you.”

I am a deeply convinced of this quote from Jessi Kneeland. I wholeheartedly believe that people cross our paths for reasons we may never understand, while we walk this earth. We should respect and treasure those dear people and pay attention to the lessons that may unfold.

This is what creates such a magical environment while traveling.  Not only do we experience new lands and cultures;  we are given the gift of seeing the world through new eyes and possibilities.  When we allow ourselves to be open to those serendipitous encounters;  all manner of magical beginnings can be explored.

Our travels can take us to far away lands or while exploring paths in our own neighborhood.  I am always amazed at how many places remain on my ‘adventure list’ right near my own town.

We are all woven together for a reason.  Like the proverbial tapestry, which may not appear particularly beautiful from beneath, with threads crossing every which way;  from above, spectacular artistry unfolds.

So, Thank You. If you are reading this today.  Thank you for being a part of my life, no matter the capacity. We are woven together for a reason.


Thanksgiving Travel Swag

2015-11-23 01.02.25

Many of us will be traveling over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Here are a few things to stash in your bag to keep the Holiday healthier.

  • Quality shoes for walking / exercising.
  • Bottled water.  Flying is extremely dehydrating.  Keeping the body adequately hydrated with water is essential
  • Resistance Bands are ideal for travel.  They pack easily, come in a variety of strengths and can make stretching and resistance training a breeze in any size room.
  • Healthy Snacks.  This eliminates the need for unhealthy choices.  Organic nuts, seeds, and fruit are portable and provide quality protein / fats / carbohydrates
  • Dry Shampoo.  I’ve recently discovered Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.   It is available in travel sizes.
  • A good hat.  Love my #NYStrength hat!
  • A good attitude.  One of the busiest travel days of the year requires patience and a good mindset
  • A smile.  Stress levels are high during the Holidays.  Share smiles with strangers.
  • Layers.  If you are traveling from one climate to another, it is good to be prepared.
  • Journal.  It takes very little room.  Record your thoughts, insights, what you are grateful for.