is on my mind this morning….

Why do we put ‘things’ off?

Why are we willing to do ‘anything’ other than the ‘one thing’ we know we should be doing?

I’m not a procrastinator. I’m one of those ‘roll up your shirt sleeves and get it done’ kind of girls.

So, when I find myself avoiding a task I know needs action; I have to delve deeper and find out exactly why I am putting that particular activity on the ‘back burner’.

There are many reasons why  space exists between our intentions and actions.

There are also different types of ‘procrastinators’.

The reality is this: the end result is always the same; procrastination eats away at our most valuable asset, which is time.

We only get so much time. So why are we wasting it?

Procrastinating would seem to be a self-inflicted sort of wound that delays what we feel will result in ‘failure’.

Whenever I am dragging my feet toward action I need to dig deeper and find out what is really going on.

This winter, I found myself begrudgingly heading toward my  basement exercise room. This happened more than once. I found my morning exercise to be postponed well past its usual time.  I had to ask myself , ‘Why?’ What was it about my exercise program that I was not feeling the love?

Sometimes, it can be as simple as we need to change our routine. Maybe we need to give ourselves ‘permission’ to take a rest day. Maybe we need to make some minor adjustments to our meal design. Begin by tweaking a few minor things and see if our ‘procrastination’ lingers.

Have we been performing the routine longer than six weeks?  Are we getting impatient for results?  Do we dislike the activity?  Is our workout area bright and cheerful?  Are we getting enough sleep and recovery time?  Are we drinking enough water?

Getting to the bottom of our delay tactics requires brutal honesty with ourselves.

Get real. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.   As someone once said, “This isn’t a dress rehearsal.”  This is our life.

In my case, I needed to switch my physical design routine. I was getting bored with my current situation. I needed a change of scenery.  The boredom was not with just the exercise, either.   I was feeling antsy and ready for change in several areas of life.  Again, this realization requires us to be brutally honest AF with ourselves.   Deal with the reality then do something to change it.

I think we all postpone things from time to time. Shaming is not motivation. Fear of failure is often the truth behind stalling and needs to be dealt with realistically, if that is the root cause.   Frustration from lack of results may simply mean we need to be more realistic with our goals.  Boredom may require us to be a bit more creative with our physical activity or daily duties.

What are you trying to avoid?

We only get so much time here. I want to help us stop wasting it.


Photography by Tracy Sheppard


The importance of Re-positioning.

When we feel as though we are face to face with a brick wall; sometimes the best recourse is to re-position ourselves.

It happens. Life can be interesting and character building, whether or not we invite those moments. We may find ourselves feeling vulnerable and exposed, with circumstances beyond our control.

None of us are immune. If we’ve been around for any length of time, whatsoever, challenges will come knocking.

I love the term, ‘Re-positioning’. As a sailor’s daughter, and a lover of cruising; re-positioning brings certain scenarios to mind. The term, ‘re-position’ can mean an opportunity to catch a ship before it heads to an entirely different location. For example; ships may be in the Caribbean all winter, then head to Europe for the Summer season. A person can take advantage of this rare opportunity, if that is someplace you were planning on visiting.

Re-positioning can also be paralleled with life circumstances. To change our situation, we need to change our position. If we don’t like the way events are unfolding, or how life is treating us; we must change. If we can’t change our circumstances; we must change the way we are thinking about them.
I like how T. D. Jakes speaks of re-positioning ourselves, in this quote:

“Sometimes what makes us insecure and vulnerable becomes the fuel we need to be overachievers. The antidote for a snakebite is made from the poison, and the thing that made you go backward is the same force that will push you forward.”

Propelling ourselves forward is necessary if we are going to re-position ourselves and enjoy personal growth. Staying on course will determine our success. Becoming stagnant often leads to failure.

When we re-position ourselves, we change our attitudes and behaviors, embracing the necessary toward personal growth and to become extraordinary.

On a grand scale, we may find it necessary to re-position our career paths or place of residence. On a much smaller scale; we often desire a new wardrobe to match our emerging lifestyle, new hairdo or decision to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Re-positioning must begin, always, with mindset. The decision to no longer stay in the same position and desire to propel forward, is required. Planning is essential. Navigational tools are critical. Knowledge, alone, is not enough. Attitude, persistence, and mindset are needed.

Surrounding ourselves with inspirational people, books, philosophies and clutter-free spaces are conducive to success.

This delicious and joyful feeling that we are fulfilling our life purpose is the purest form of luxury. These moments are layered with opulence, rich with completeness.


The time is now to create the grandest, most magnificent version possible for our one, luxurious life!