The Cost of Getting Lean

John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre wrote an awesome piece about the cost of getting lean.    If this is something important to you;  you may want to give this a thorough read.

Images bombard us day in and day out with lean and athletic bodies, ripped abs, high and tight booties, flawless skin, hair and perfect looking bodies.

We are made to feel that unless our goal to become ‘smaller’ is not on the top of our list;  we are undesirable.   The problem with this type of marketing is that it never tells the truth.  The picture is inaccurate.  It’s fake news.

If getting lean is important to you;  know there is a cost.  There will be sacrifices in your future.  And big ones.  Know that you will think of nothing but food constantly and dream of cheat meals.  Food will be on your mind from your waking hour.  Obsession with food will most likely take over.

I’ve been around too many in the physique competition world to know it can get pretty ugly at times.  And very unhealthy.  Both physically and mentally.  Physically putting the body at metabolic risk.  Mentally creating an unhealthy relationship with food and the body.

Most of us will never fall in the category of athlete or physique competitor.  The pursuit of bodily perfection, ideal symmetry and shredded muscle is not a goal.  And that’s okay.  In fact, it’s more than okay.

For those who are in this camp.  That’s okay, too.  Just understand the cost before embarking on a restrictive diet, which involves carb cutting, intermittent fasting, and other meal manipulation.  Cranky and irritable will become your middle name.  No one ever really discusses the many problems associated with severe dieting.

Optimal health, feeling energized, building strength to do the things enjoyed;  these are worthy goals.  Even then, there are trade-offs and sacrifice.  We can’t have our cake and eat it too, all of the time.

Precision Nutrition published a phenomenal Infographic.  

It really speaks the truth about the cost of getting lean.

If you click on the link provided;  you can view a larger version of the Infographic, plus print off or download a copy.

Making better decisions,  creating a healthy body, and enjoying this one life we’ve been given.   These are things to strive for.