Let your Feet Kiss the Earth


Photography by Tracy Sheppard
Photography by Tracy Sheppard


Let your Feet Kiss the Earth
“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
What a privilege it is to be able to spend time breathing in the beauty of our natural surroundings. Taking our exercise outdoors provides extra health benefits in addition to physical well-being.
  • Exercising outdoors provides a mental boost. Research shows that spending time outdoors increases energy and decreases stress.
  • Research shows exercising outdoors increases self-esteem. There is no self-comparison among the trees! Often, a gym setting brings about feelings of inadequacy, especially when ‘new’. Exercise in general increases self-esteem. Taking outdoors has even more positive effects.
  • Outdoor fitness is easier to stick with. When we enjoy an exercise program, we are more likely to stay with it. Take a friend along, and you double the benefits.
  • Soaking up the sun provides added benefits. When the sun kisses our skin, Vitamin D3 is created. This is essential for bone health, metabolic function, improved sleep, increased immune function, and endorphin production.
  • More cost effective than gym membership. While resistance training (weights) are important to keep age related muscle loss at bay; cardiovascular exercise is also essential for keeping our bodies healthy. For those on a limited budget, investing in quality walking shoes and weather friendly workout gear, is all that is needed to get out and enjoy nature.
An exercise program, thoughtfully designed, provides enjoyment and depth to life. It provides a rich and multi-layered experience that provides many health benefits, in addition to quality to life.
Photography by Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

The Goal of Any Exercise Program


The goal of any exercise program should not be to exhaust you.

To perform high numbers of burpees, box jumps, or any single exercise is counterproductive.

Go ahead and perform high rep / high intensity moves and see how great you feel afterward.  I guarantee, no matter how advanced of an exerciser you are, you’ll feel wiped out.

My System is thoughtfully designed to help increase strength, endurance, balance and muscle mass. Depending on a client’s individual goal, there will be very specific movement patterns involved. The end result is always to create more energy, not to annihilate the body. Depletion is not the goal.  A well thought out exercise program should always leave us feeling better, not worse than before we began.

To train to failure, exhaustion and soreness should never be the goal. So don’t use the degree of exhaustion and soreness as an indicator of the level of effectiveness of a workout. Improving  body composition, endurance, balance and strength are worthy goals to pursue.