Down on Your Luck?

Will consuming Sauerkraut on New Year’s bring you good luck?

It’s a tradition that I grew up with. We always had some form of Sauerkraut on both New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year. …And who am I to argue?

While I don’t eat pork (or any meat); I love Sauerkraut!

Don’t just save it for New Years, though. Fermented foods, such as Sauerkraut, are extremely healthy to include in your diet.

  • –Boosts the Immune System. Cabbage is rich in Vitamin C.
  • –Digestive Health. Cabbage is high in fiber, which keeps your digestive system moving.
  • –Eye and Skin Health. Carotene rich and loaded with Vitamin A.
  • –Hearth Health. Because it is a rich source of fiber; the fiber is able to scrape off dangerous cholesterol from the walls of arteries and blood vessels by binding with the fats and cholesterol and removing them from the body. Therefore, less cholesterol enters the bloodstream and your overall cholesterol level is balanced. This can prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, and a variety of other cardiovascular issues.
  • –Bone Health. Sauerkraut contains a wide variety of minerals which help keep bones strong.
  • –Inflammatory Properties. Certain organic compounds found in s cabbage work as anti-inflammatory agents. Phytonutrient antioxidants contained in sauerkraut can double as anti-inflammatory agents, reducing the pain and discomfort of joints, muscles, or other inflamed areas.
  • –Cancer Protection. Although research is still underway to reveal the exact impact of sauerkraut on cancerous cells, the presence of antioxidant compounds in sauerkraut (as with all cruciferous vegetables) means that free radicals can be eliminated, which are one of the main causes behind cancerous cell formation.
  • –Energy. The high levels of iron found in cabbage (sauerkraut) can be very beneficial for the body. Iron helps to contribute to energy production, as it increases the body’s metabolism and also boosts circulation, which increases oxygenation of organs and cells.
  • –Gut Microbiome. Consuming fermented foods has a huge impact on the up to 2 kg of microbes in our gut. Researchers are learning more and more about how this gut bacteria – particularly the bacteria that is unique to us individually – influence our health and risk of disease.

So do enjoy your traditional Sauerkraut! Don’t save Sauerkraut for one or two days of the year!