Hottest Gift for the Holidays



It’s official! 

One of the hottest gift items for the Holidays this year, just got a huge endorsement from Wall Street!

That’s right!  Wearables are one of the hottest gift ideas of the Season!

In particular, The Fitbit, seems to be leading the market.  Fitbit has been spending a ton on marketing for this holiday season and seems to be on the Wish Lists of many people.

Before you add one to your Holiday Wish List;  consider these facts:


Here are a few facts one should consider about fitness activity trackers.

  1. They can’t help you define and prioritize your goals
  2. They can’t help you develop a plan
  3. They can’t help you build determination 
  4. They can’t help you recognize your own efforts
  5. They can’t help with positive self-talk 
  6. They can’t help when life gets in the way

These devices are a tool, and like any tool, are only as effective as the hand in which they’re held.  The driving force behind any tool, is the motivation, attitude, skill and knowledge of the person utilizing it.  These devices are inanimate and don’t understand the complexities of human nature and life.  They cannot evaluate the factors required to make lifestyle changes based on an individual’s personal needs. Fitness trackers can’t intercede between demands of work and family. Life demands are one of the most complicated road blocks to creating lasting change in health habits. Creating long term behaviors and healthy routines are driven purely by determination and grit.  Aside from this, in any fitness journey, plateaus are inevitable.  No fitness device is able to provide the knowledge and emotional support needed to push beyond these ‘speed bumps’.  They are unable to help with the negative chatter that often goes on in our minds.  Replacing this negative chatter with positive self talk is the only thing that can empower us toward personal progress.

Stuff happens.  Life throws illness, injuries, and crises our way.  This can only be strategically re-calibrated by a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional.

Fitness trackers are a fun accessory.  They cannot help focus on the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.  Unless the fundamentals, such as diet, proper exercise, sleep and recovery, proper breathing, mindset and other essential factors are not mastered, no technology in the world will help with fitness goals.  As long as the person using these fitness trackers realizes that these trackers are not a replacement for the trained professional, and are simply a fun accessory;  they can be just that.  Fun.

My system utilizes vast knowledge in nutrition, proper exercise, stretching, breathing, rest and recovery on an individualized basis, unique for each person and every season of life. It can help you master the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.


“Just because I have a fitness app on my phone doesn’t make me an athlete.”  

– Dr. Harry Greenspun, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions