10 Year Challenge

“Yesterday was not your defining moment. The calendar moved forward; why not you?”

– Steve Maraboli

A few thoughts on the #10yearchallenge that is taking social media by storm.

I know these challenges can be entertaining and fun. There appears to be mixed reactions to this latest social media trend. Some believe they are a way to mine ‘data’ for facial recognition. Others view it as a way to display how gracefully they may have aged. Some of these ‘comparisons’ are humorous, others a bit sad.

I began to ‘play the game’, but then I said, “Nah!” There are enough prompts and marketing ploys already that create insecurities and comparisons.

For my own personal health, I chose not to take part in the ‘craze’.. Instead, I will keep looking forward and making an effort to age with grace, but mostly to become a better human.

Your Defining Moment…

You would not be here today if yesterday was your defining moment. Don’t let life trick you into the impossible task of fixing a day that has already passed. Think of how much time has been lost and how much energy has been wasted in this unfruitful way of living.

Yesterday was not your defining moment. The calendar moved forward; why not you?

This new day offers you the sustenance you need to proceed on your life’s expedition. Yesterday’s sustenance has spoiled; the nutrition of yesterday has become the poison of today. Let it go.

Be fueled by the opportunities of today. Do not be passive in your life. Be courageous in driving forward in this journey of life. I know people will try to push you back. I know life will challenge you to find refuge in the past. I know the present induces fear. Do not be fooled into backwards living. Be courageous enough to keep moving forward.

Let yesterday be what it is; a reference point. It is not a reflection of where you’re going, it’s a reflection of where you were. Drive forward! Think of your car, its purpose, and how it’s designed. The purpose of your car is to help you effectively navigate your journey. Its design is one with a large windshield that faces forward and a small mirror that faces behind. When you drive, you are very attentive to what is in front of you and you use the rear-view mirror as a quick reference to aid any adjustments to your journey.

We are having a human experience; a life that moves forward whether we like it or not. Choose to stop hindering the effectiveness of your own journey by driving with the rear-view mirror. The life behind you is a reference point; use it wisely as such. As for today, look ahead and drive towards your dreams!

– Dr. Steve Maraboli

‘Don’t Look Back’
Photography by Terri Kern Pouliot

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