Reflections of Fall

Nimisila Reservoir Metro Park,  Akron, Ohio  photography by Terri Pouliot

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right.”
― Marianne Williamson

Choosing gratitude over exercising feelings of thanklessness, may not always be an easy path to take.

Stuff happens. Life makes no promises of fairness or that the road will always be without bumps.

When we lose that ‘entitled’ attitude and replace it with gratitude; our ‘rocky’ days will seem a bit smoother.

Gratitude and unappreciated feelings don’t reside in the same room very well.

While some days it may be difficult to find the positives; we have to try to focus on the small snippets of beauty and goodness around us.

I think one of the most difficult ‘pills to swallow’ is that bad things happen to ‘good’ people. This was actually the subejct of a book I read some time ago by Harold S. Kushner. He points out,

“Pain is the price we pay for being alive. Dead cells—our hair, our fingernails—can’t feel pain; they cannot feel anything. When we understand that, our question will change from, “Why do we have to feel pain?” to “What do we do with our pain so that it becomes meaningful and not just pointless empty suffering?”

Mr. Kushner has written several books on ‘the suffering of mankind’ that may offer unique insights on the subject.

I wake up with a sad and heavy feeling about all that is happening in this world, and in my own personal life. There are certainly many things that could send me into the corner of a dark room, or to mope about. But misery is not an option.

So, today….

I CHOOSE joy! And will fill my mind with all things right and good.

Because, I am surrounded by the beautiful and wonderful.


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