photography by Terri Pouliot

Greetings on this first Monday in Autumn!

My first thoughts are that I should be apologetic for my lack of postings throughout much of this summer.

But…..LIFE.  Things happen.  Some of it beyond our control.  So, I will not apologize, but will offer up my thoughts in lieu of regrets.

It has been a crazy few months.  Not at all what I would have neatly laid out as an idyllic summer.  And yet, I feel so incredibly blessed beyond measure!  Some of our greatest lessons and truths come from our difficulties and frustrations.

So, yes.  It has been a ‘character building’ few months.   I’ll just leave it there.  I’m not one to make excuses or dwell on disappointments.

When I reflect on the horrific and devastating events that have occurred this summer, especially over the last few weeks;  my frustrations seem insignificant in comparison.  Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and wildfires all creating a path of destruction uprooting so many lives.  I’ve watched in horror, as I’m sure many of you have.

Man vs. nature. Nature vs. Man.  Nature always wins.  We have seen that over and over these last few weeks.  I would encourage you to reach out in any way you can to help our fellow humans.  The Red Cross needs immediate help.  The Salvation Army is another trusted place to donate.  There are also many other reliable organizations to donate time, financial help, and small personal necessities.

As the next few weeks unfold, and we begin to grasp the sheer magnitude of devastation that has occurred;  there will be countless ways to show our love, support and charity.  Never believe that our efforts, no matter how small, go unnoticed.  Every fully human gesture makes a difference.

Those are my thoughts on this first Monday of Autumn.  They could really be no where else.  My heart goes out to all these precious people whose homes and lives have been torn apart for reasons beyond their control.









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