Fitness, to Some, is the “F” Word

This article is such an important share.  It was written by my mentor, coach and esteemed friend, Dr. Jack Barnathan.  Dr. Jack, (as his friends call him),  is a board member of the Magic Happens Foundation and has served legends of pro & Olympic sport.  He continues to lead and consult with those interested in creating and sharing their unique gifts with the world.  His list of credentials is impressive.  What truly sets Dr. Jack apart is his cutting edge insights, innovations and information that create a high ground experience that focuses on individual strengths and proven strategies.


Fitness, to some, is the “F” word.
by Dr. Jack Barnathan

Fitness, to some, is the “F” word.

And sadly, for good reasons.

Too often it’s FRUSTRATING

It is such a broad term and it can mean an evening hike after work (one of my favorites) or heavy lifting of weights in a gym (my favorite a decade or so ago) or rock climbing, or … almost anything.

And that’s where the confusion comes in.

What is Fitness?

As a doctor, and someone who taught certifications for a college that offered live certification classes for many years, I’m also confused.

My philosophy has always been that “Fitness activities” are very personal, and should be. There are no cookie cutter formulas that are “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness.

And the benefits for all, especially for preventing many illnesses or as a tool (with your doctors exam, advice and consent) for individuals to speed healing when they are recovering from treatment such as for cancer.

And because of this “confusion” I now use the term “physical activity” or, encourage people to find their “physical style.”

Something you can express from within. Something that fits your physical goals, health needs, protects you with safety FIRST and foremost, and, feeds your soul.

I will discuss elsewhere the many studies that exist proving the intense benefits of body, mind and spirit all found within that walk. Or Tai Chi. Or yoga. Or… whatever fits your physical style.

Give it a thought. It’s something you probably wanted to “express” or at least explore.

There are many great individuals, and organizations you can do this with. is one that supports those going through cancer treatment with similar activities.

You have goals for body and spirit. Make sure you find the support you deserve in that journey. The results could be dramatic, and life long.

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