Redefine the Weekend

Redefine the Weekend!

It’s been a rough week and all you want to do is R-E-L-A-X.

And that’s okay. Rest and recovery are part of the program.

But, don’t forget this one essential to success: PREPARATION.

Whatever your goals may be (weight loss, muscle gains, endurance, strength) they are all dependent on planning and preparation in the kitchen.

This is the ideal time to refill the fridge and pantry with nutritious components to meal planning.

Foods that will help you reach your goals and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to power through the week.

Make a list of foods you want to include and then spend some time in meal preparation. This will keep you focused and on track when the week gets too busy for cooking.

Even if you work from home (like I do); Sunday is a good day for planning out the week. This keeps Monday from that overwhelming feeling.

When we carve out time to strategize and put together a game plan; we are one step ahead of the game. Journal / write down goals for the week.

Mental preparation followed by action! You’ll be surprised by how life will respond.

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