No Excuses

No Excuses doesn’t ‘feel’ like motivation. It feels like shame.

The thing is; sometimes stuff happens. Things get in the way of our progress and goals.

Illness, injury, career, outside commitments. The list is a mile long.

And motivation, or lack of, has nothing to do with ‘getting the job done’.

On THOSE DAYS; we have to do the best we can. And…then be done with it. Don’t invite shame and guilt to the party.

On ‘THOSE DAYS’; there may be another type of training to be done. Look for the lesson. Maybe it’s patience. Or maybe we’re supposed to give our body rest.

No Excuses. That’s BS. Because sometimes there are excuses. Real, legitimate reasons why our exercise will have to take second priority.

And piling guilt on top of those days is not healthy.

Creating Thoughtful Pause–

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