.(n) lit. “Place of wild strawberries”.

“A special place discovered, treasured, returned to for solace and relaxation; a personal idyll free from stress or sadness.”

These are frightening and uncertain times. We all need treasured places for quiet meditation, prayer and soul nourishing solace.

photography by Terri Pouliot

Someplace uncultivated, fragile and rare.

Like a little cabin nestled in the forest or an exclusive summer get-away.
A spot of eternal summer, filled with beauty in the wild and hard to find. A treasured place we may retreat to as often as needed.

A spot we keep guarded and quiet about.

Mine just happens to be in nature.

photography by Terri Pouliot

It really doesn’t matter where your special place may be. Just that you have one. And use it often when you are afraid, troubled and just need to think.

Tranquility and peaceful thoughts be with you.




source:  Mackan Andersson Swedish for Beginners


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