It’s best to calm down prior to hitting the gym.

Yes, I know. Exercise is a proven stress reducer. But, if you’re under duress, working out is not a good idea. In fact, research shows it can be risky for our heart health.

If you’re very upset or mad, a strenuous workout might seem like a good way to blow off steam. But that could be extra risky for your heart, according to a study in the October 2016 Circulation.

For the study, researchers surveyed nearly 12,500 people from 52 countries who had experienced a first-time heart attack. They questioned participants about their emotions and activities the hour before their heart attack symptoms began and also during the same hour on the previous day.

Anger or emotional upset was linked to more than twice the risk of having heart attack symptoms within an hour; the same was true for heavy physical exercise. But among people who recalled being angry or emotionally upset while also engaging in strenuous exercise, the risk of heart attack was three times higher.

The findings are a good reminder to try to stay calm and centered when you’re coping with extreme emotions—and to avoid intense exercise during those times.

If you’re experiencing extreme stress or emotions are running rampant; try these relaxing and restorative types of activities:

Tai Chi
Restorative Yoga
Leisurely nature walk
Relaxation / Deep Breathing

Extreme exercise, such as High Intensity Interval Training , Tabata. Long Distance Running, tend to raise cortisol levels.  Over training can also raise cortisol to unsafe levels.  Chronic elevated cortisol levels can lead to a plethora of health issues.

Cam and centered should be the main focus and goal when under extreme stress.

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