These Are the Women


These are the Women…
Who shaped me and molded me
Into who I am today.
My Nanny (Grandmother) on the left.
My Mother on the right.

Two very strong women…. Total opposites, personality wise.
Both small in stature (under 5 foot tall) but tall in my eyes.

My Nanny was a Chicago nurse and self proclaimed health guru. She planted the seeds deep within my psyche concerning the relationship between exercise, nutrition and health, when I was just a teen.  She took me on long nature walks deep into the woods of Northern Wisconsin, where she resided in her later years.  She had a deep respect for nature.  She encouraged me to see the Redwoods and Sequoia Trees before I died.  She was feisty and fun.  She laughed easily and always bought me red dresses when I was a little girl.  She had my attention, always.

My mother served in the Coast Guard and was one of the most poised and kindest persons I have ever known.  After she left the Coast Guard, she happily settled in to her role as Wife and Mother.  She was a nurturer.  A peace keeper.  My mother was the least judgmental person I know.  I’m pretty certain the only swear word I ever heard my Mother utter from her lips, was caused by me.  She was the essence of grace.  She let unkindness roll off her like raindrops on a bird’s feathers.  She was beautiful.  My mother lived for others.  Unconditionally and with no regard of the favor being returned.

Both were taken from me by a stroke.  Suddenly.  Without warning.

I would give ANYTHING to be able to spend just one more day with them.

This is why you’ll find red quotation marks on my quotes on Instagram. Women’s heart health awareness is a cause that is very near and dear to me.

February is heart health month. Get your screenings. Know the signs of heart disease and stroke.  Many times those signs are very subtle. Make your health a top priority.

Please!   I urge you!




p.s.   Both my Nanny and Mom knew how to rock their shoes and their style!  Both loved fashion and looking their best.   I inherited that!



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