Steps to Self-Care


“Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect.”

— Rhonda Byrne

Simple steps to self respect and care:

–Sleep (7 to 8 hours per night)
–Hydrate (fresh, filtered water)
–Vegetables (locally grown, fresh if possible)
–Unplug (take some time each day away from electronics)
–Take a hike
–Power Nap (feeling stressed? Slow down)
–Learn to say, ‘NO’
–De-Clutter (start small if you must)
–Meditate / Pray
–Step away from the computer (get up often and walk about)
–Breathe (deep oxygenating breaths)
–15 minutes of sunlight (don’t forget the sunscreen)
–Exercise your strength (do something you totally rock at!)
–Journal (write down your strengths)
–Gratitude (jot down something that is going awesomely)
–Treat yourself (think small; a book, lipstick, small luxury item)
–Cloud Watch
–Artwork (head to the museum or nearest gallery)
–Cuddle (your pet, your friend, significant other)
–Help someone (pay it forward….there are millions of ways)
–Infuse your home with pleasant aromas (flowers, spices…)
–Wear something that makes you feel fabulous
–Add something nourishing to your meals
–Try something totally new
–Be still (find a beautiful, calming spot)
–Connect ( say something kind to strangers)
–Laugh (funny movie, book or with a friend)
–Dance (crank up the jams!)
–Step out of your comfort zone
–Socialize with family / friends
–Yoga or Pilates (Restorative and relaxing)

These are just a few examples of small acts of self-care. As we head into the busiest time of year; it’s essential to slow down and provide our bodies and minds with daily rituals that help reduce cortisol, and keep our hormones balanced.


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