No Excuses?


How does “No Excuses” feel for you?

I used to ‘feel’ that having ‘No Excuses’ was a pretty good motivator in my own life.

But now….Not so much.

The problem with having a ‘No Excuses’ mentality is that it is rigid. Inflexible. Unyielding. Unbending. Stubborn, even.

And being inflexible can lead to broken.

‘No Excuses’ allows zero room for obstacles or legitimate reasons why you may want to consider switching your workout, or even skipping it all together.

There are many times in life when excuses are really legitimate, and we need to care for ourselves during these times, not made to feel guilty.

So, while the ‘No Excuses’ mantra, or others like it, may appear motivating;  they may actually be harmful. Listening to our bodies is essential. We need to halt the guilt trips we place upon ourselves. It simply doesn’t work.  We instinctively know when we are procrastinating or avoiding a task.

Obstacles are as much a part of our journey as the path itself. Being mindful of that is essential.

Trying to accomplish ‘too much, too soon’, may also lead to frustration and excuses. Pay attention. Journal your thoughts. Record those obstacles and your feelings associated with them.  The process may reveal some empowering characteristics about yourself that you hadn’t fully realized.

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