Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

Photography by Tracy Sheppard of Studio Soleil
Photography by Tracy Sheppard of Studio Soleil

I would love for everyone to give this brief video (link at the end)  a listen.

The ‘Positive Body Image’ movement is doing much in the way of helping women (and men) to rethink the way they look at their relationship with their bodies, as well as, the motivation behind wanting to make changes.

I personally applaud such movements, such as Girls Gone Strong, Girls on the Run (which I was involved with) and others. I can say that as a 62 old woman, the majority of my life has been spent wrestling with negative body image (it doesn’t really matter where this came from. It exists. Then. Now. Period). This began in my early teens. Do the math, if you like. It equates to years and years of being so focused on what I thought was wrong with myself, that I could NEVER concentrate on what was right with myself. I had so much insecurity that the talents that I was blessed with were overlooked. I believe this is the sad case of too many people.

I never felt I deserved to have a voice. Now I know differently. And I want that voice to help others.

I’ve exercised and practiced nutrition for many years now. The interest began in my 20’s and while I did not always eat consistently healthy in my early years, it was always something I found fascinating. Unfortunately, the motivation behind exercise and food was unhealthy. It was for the wrong reasons. The intentions were not driven by a healthy goal.

When you desire changes to be made in your exercise and the way you eat; please make these changes to create a more energetic, more vital YOU. Not because these changes will make you easier to love. Not because these changes will make you more beautiful. Not because these changes will make you love yourself.

You are already a marvelous creature! Make changes to add to what is already unique and wonderful about you.


“The intention behind a goal or behavior determines the health of that goal or behavior.”

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