Food is Not the Enemy

Sometimes, certain mindful eating strategies are ineffective until you go a little deeper as to why food is being used to numb, or when feeling bored, angry, or frustrated.

There are some great ideas for slowing down at mealtime. Putting your fork down between bites, drinking water or tea, removing the trigger foods from your house or using smaller plates; are just a few. Many of these work for some people, but if there are underlying issues which haven’t been fully dealt with; they may not be very effective at all.

If you’ve tried some of these tips only to feel frustrated (which may lead to further overeating) then this post is for you.

Lifestyle Design is more than just providing meal planning, exercise programs, rest & recovery and breathing techniques. My system helps you to understand the triggers that create unhealthy patterns so that you can learn to feel satisfied and to utilize food in a healthier way. Food is not the enemy. Food and guilt simply do not belong in the same room together.

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