Thanksgiving Tip



Here’s my Thanksgiving Tip for 2015:

Don’t worry about how many burpees, jumping jacks, squats or minutes spent in exercise it takes to burn off that slice of Thanksgiving Pie!

Because…exercise is NOT a punishment for the foods we eat. One day of eating is NOT really going to make that much difference in our body composition. Food and guilt should NEVER be in the same room with one another.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving Meal, eat it slowly, mindfully, and with gratitude. Try a little bit of everything. Be grateful for the love put into the preparation. You don’t have to ‘stuff yourself’, but if you do eat more than you are accustomed to, don’t have GUILT for dessert.

Use the 5 S’s of Mindful Eating to get full enjoyment out of your meal:

1. Sit down
2. Slowly Chew
3. Sense–Taste the food, smell it. listen to it…involve all your senses
4. Savor and enjoy every bite
5. Smile. Pause before you take the next bite.

After you’ve enjoyed a lovingly prepared meal…

Head outside for a nice walk to aid in digestion, and do so not to burn calories, but to enjoy the benefits of nature.

That’s my tip!

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