What Not to Wear at Thanksgiving

What not to wear at Thanksgiving.
Whether you’re choosing your wardrobe for a long weekend of travel or entertaining guests at home; there are a few fashion faux pas to avoid.
Here are a few things you don’t want to wear:
Thanksgiving can be a touchy time for many. Let’s face it, there are lots of dynamics that must be revisited during any holiday get together. This can create stress and feelings of dread. For some, the tensions may be so great, they avoid any family time altogether. For the rest, here are some tips:
1. The weight of the world
It’s scary out there, to be certain. Let focus on the good stuff! There is much to be grateful for
2. A stiff upper lip
Not only does a stoic face create wrinkles, but creates negative vibes. A smile is always in style
3. Regret and shame
The past may hold regrets and shame, but it ages a person. Make this the year of apologies, then let it go….
4. Too many hats
Don’t be the martyr. You’ll only burn out quickly. Get back to basics and simplify
5. Judgment
Not a good look on anyone! Make this the year of focusing on good qualities of others. No matter how hard you must look. Pay compliments
6. A Bad attitude
No one enjoys being around a crab apple. Leave your problems at the door
7. Rose-colored glasses
No one wants to be around someone with their head in the clouds. Face your reality. Then deal with it
8. Negative vibes
Positive vibes attract your tribe….so do negative vibes. Who do you want to attract into life?
9. That Resting Bitch Face
Yes, it may have its place, but a smile is still the best make-up
10. Intolerance
Extremely unflattering on anyone
Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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